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"Är det taget?" (Is it definite?)  is a dance, music and film project

based on the creations of 7 artists.


What do we know as “truth”? How do we know that and why does truth always change?


In a realm of questions, colors, movement and music, the performers find themselves on a beautiful and harsh planet or dimension, to get some answers.


At the moment, ÄDT is shared as a 30min film experience / film installation, made to be shown at festivals, museums, club experiences, events and on stage.


Concept and Creative Leaders

Ana Strandberg

Filip Magnusson


Dance & Choreography

Ana Strandberg

Tove Rådmark


Music & Lyrics

Filip Magnusson

Arvid Lizell

Josef Ask



Simon Tonev - DoP

André Forsström - Color

Ana Strandberg - Director & Edit


Ana Strandberg

Tove Rådmark


Supported by


Region Värmland


For inquiry, leave a message on this website or email

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