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Ana Strandberg is a freelancing multifaceted artist, focusing on Dance.

Mainly active as a Dancer, Choreographer & Dance Teacher in various contexts, but also as a creator within painting, voice/music, video and writing.

She works with her own stage pieces, as well as projects with Riksteatern, Region Värmland, DAGRA Collective and choreographer Viktor Fröjd.

Ana is based in Stockholm, and now and then in Värmland, where she was born.


Ana's creations often speak in broad movement languages based on, or with the approach of; Hip Hop, Housedance, Popping, Improvisation & Contemporary dance. Her aim is to create realms of color and form, and is drawn both to the magical, colorful, beauty of nature and the hard, angularity of industrial structures.


She is currently working on her own dance pieces:

"BUBBLES" (dance, woodcraft, graffiti, music)

"Speak Silent loud" (dance, film)

”SLÄPP” (dance, music, text)

”Är Det Taget?” (dance, music, film).

Ana is an assistant professor at Karlstad University's Dance Education and a dance teacher at Stockholm University of the Arts - Film & Drama. She has previously also worked for several years at Fryshusets Gymnasium and Danscenter Stockholm.


Ana is educated at Stockholm University of the Arts - Dance & Circus, as well as Åsa Folkhögskola's street dance oriented courses. Most recently employed as a dancer in the piece "UNVOLUTION", on stage with her own trio dance piece "SLÄPP" and the solo version of "Charader x Riktigheten", as assistant choreographer for Tentacle Tribe from Canada & as choreographer and editor for the filmed part of the project "Är Det Taget?”.


Ana has since long been active in the Swedish freestyle dance scene and has worked with dance for over 20 years - genre-wide with focus on the music & foundations from Hip Hop, Popping, Housedance & Contemporary dance. She is into a width of musical influences, where she loves expressing herself freely in improvisation, taking place both on a spiritual level and in the present moment.

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