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"Charader x Riktigheten" (Charades x The Realness) is a dance piece for stage based on filters, masks, the real and the illusions. Asking the audience to step into the dancer’s world of thought for 40 min. What is real and what masks and filters do we put on, and why?

It’s a yellow explosion of dance, music, lyrics, lemons, outfits & props.

C x R started as a solo piece for Riksteatern’s “Room X”, and continued its way developing to be a stage piece for 5 streetdancers.


“Charader” and “The Realness” is also two Hip Hop tracks and Music Videos connected to the dance piece.



Concept & Choreographer

Ana Strandberg



Ana Strandberg


Tove Rådmark

David Fowkus Rigo

Kiri Luyirika

Laurenz Sontheimer



Jussi Focus Sirrviö

Ana Strandberg

Kevin 12Twelve Wedin

Isabella Jordkreation & Oscar OP Preibsch


Mix & Master

Kristofer Strandberg - ES Music




Scenography & Costume

Ana Strandberg



Ana Strandberg

André Forsström

Simon Tonev

Carl-Johan Holtback

Alex Franco

Bonnie Carlström

Erik Engstrand - ES Music


Supported by


Region Värmland


DansCentrum Stockholm

Stockholms Filmskola


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