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"SLÄPP" (Let go) – is an umbrella project containing;

A Hip Hop dance piece - discussing the act and our need of letting go. How we cling on to things, people, thoughts, perspectives, experiences, emotions and expectation. The way we keep on stuffing our emotional backpack, and what would happen if we sometimes put it in a single word or thought and said – “Släpp”.


3 dancers in the realm of Hip Hop dance, beats and rap.

Touring Sweden during 2023/2024 with performances both public and

in schools. 40 min + 20 min


A music project, with an EP out on most music streaming platforms.



An educational approach - sharing thoughts, perspectives, discussions and Hip Hop dance in schools through workshops.

Concept & Choreographer

Ana Strandberg



Sanna Norbäck Welin

Lukas Fossmo Lilianson

Ana Strandberg



Oscar OP Preibsch

Kevin 12Twelve Wedin

Ana Strandberg

Lukas Fossmo Lilianson

Sanna Norbäck Welin

Kristofer Strandberg – ES Music


Costume & Scenography

Ana Strandberg


Mix & Master

Kristofer Strandberg – ES Music


Trailer & Photo

André Forsström


Supported by

Degerfors Kommun

ES Music Studio

Region Värmland


For inquiry, leave a message on this website or email

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